• Management Consultant;
  • Representative office operation;
  • Specialized construction activities;
  • Public construction building;
  • Transport service for cargo, goods, passenger under  contract;
  • Consultant service for preparing seaport, channel opening announcement;
  • Survey service for topography, geotechnical, hydrology, environment, oceanology; provide service of physio-mechenical testing of soil, stone, gravel, underground water and construction materials;
  • Construction civil, industrial, transport, irrigation, bridge, water drainage system, cultural, sport, ecological zones, electric constructions and station up to 35KV;
  • Civil, transport and industrial plan report preparation (not including planning);
  • Consultant service for investment, bidding (not including legal and financial consultant services ie tax and stock);
  • Consultant service for preparing Project Planning, bidding document preparation and organizing, project management of thermal power and hydropower construction; and technical economic report of transport, civil and industrial construction;
  • Design port and waterway transport construction;
  • Design waterway transport construction;
  • Construction inspection for civil and industrial construction;
  • Construction inspection for transport construction (bridge, road way);
  • Construction inspection for civil, industrial and infracstructure construction;
  • Import and export company’s products and services.


Hoa Mai
Hoa Đào